Make Good Coffee

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Super Sunday Sumatran Delight

Whole Foods has a contest on Facebook for Super Sunday recipes.  I wrote this one up to offer Super Bowl fans a light dessert that will sit well on top of all the other goodness they eat on Sunday.

I don't normally drink anything in my coffee except half and half.  But once in a while when I'm enjoying a cup in the afternoon or for dessert, I like to add a couple of goodies to an Asian coffee to produce a rich, creamy, simple cup of joe that tastes darned good.

Try this warm treat for dessert.  It's been specially formulated to be rich and smooth drinking.  If you just want to enjoy the richness of this recipe without the late day buzz, then you could use a decaf blend too.

Serves about three.

This one's for Mark, who loves sports and putting lots of stuff in his coffee.


Brewing in a Moka Pot

Here's a great animated/video piece on preparing coffee using a moka pot from James Hoffman, 2007 world barista champ.

Videocast #4 - Stove top/Moka Pot from James Hoffmann on Vimeo.

RK Drums Reopens for Business

Wow, ask and you shall receive. 

In late 2008 Ron Kyle (producer of coffee roasting drums) passed away suddenly.  The  homeroasting community mourned the loss of a good guy and a good business. 

In my Christmas 2008 wishlist, I wished that Ron Kyle's legacy be continued and that someone reopen RK Drums.

Well, it appears Ron's friend Shane has reopened the business, offering many of Ron's drum and motor products as well as promises to deliver some new ones - like a large cooler.

In the market for a larger homeroasting solution?  Check out RK Drums.

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