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Small Axe NYC Coffee Tour 2009

I just got back from the Small Axe NYC Coffee tour. 

I Heart NY. I spent the better part of the late 90’s living in New York City – pretending to take college classes and chasing girls.  These were the days before 9/11 when people were a little nicer, things were a little cheaper, and before I could appreciate coffee.  Be that as it may (fortunately or unfortunately) it was before good coffee came to New York…mostly, except for Oren’s Daily Roast, of course. 

Coming Soon! NYC Coffee Tour 2009

This week Small Axe Coffee is in New York City to get to the heart of some of the cafes that embody the Small Axe Coffee values.  We'll soon have notes, photos, directions, and recommendations for these great cafes, roasters and more!

Awesome stuff, all coming soon!

Roswell Roast and Toast: High School Creates Cafe Training Program

A high school in Roswell, Georgia has launched a program - Roswell Roast and Toast - to get special education students involved in a job training program in a cafe environment.  The kids are preparing coffee drinks and delivering them to teachers. 

No word on what coffee their serving and equipment they're training on, but the idea of providing special education students with this kind of training is great to see.

Cafe Review: Sodade Coffeehouse, Austin, TX

I've been meaning to post a quick review of Sodade Coffeehouse for months now... They've saved my life on the 20 business trips I took to Austin in the last year and a half.

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