We Need a Brewed Coffee Competition

I was just at Ozo Coffee 3rd Anniversary party talking with Nolan and the guys from Coal Creek Coffee, and we got to thinking.  There really needs to a competition for non-espresso brew methods.  Just picture it.  It'd be a lot like the barista championship now, but with more events. 

Here are a couple we kicked around. In each heat, five competitors take the stage and compete in the following events.

1. French Press, Pourover, Vacpot - Everyone uses the same equipment, beans, grinder and kettle.  This way the judges can isolate the variable of the barista.  These are table steaks, the warmup if you will. 

3. Judge's Choice - This one involves the judges picking a challenging single origin coffee, measuring the same dose, and grindining it for each of the baristi on the same grind setting and letting each barista developing their own brew method.  Maybe this is a signature SO roast from the sponsoring roaster.  This way at least a barista could prepare ahead of time.  Maybe making it a complete surprise on gameday would be more challenging.

4. Signature Drink - Each barista presents a brew with their own bean selection and brew method.  They get to bring in their own equipment, whether it's their grandmother's percolator or a kyoto style dripper.

5. Mr. Coffee - Here's where it gets good.  We bring in five Mr. Coffee brewers that we buy at a local thrift shop.  We then give the competitors 15 minutes to produce the best possible cup they can. 

I'm sure there are other events that'd make sense.

All We Need Now is a Sponsor and a Venue
Who could sponsor such an event?  Maybe a roaster who takes pride in a particular brewing method (like Blue Bottle) like pourover.  Maybe a manufacturer of equipment (like Technivorm).  Maybe a distributor of equipment (like Whole Latte Love).

If anyone's interested, shoot me a line.  We could get this thing off the ground pretty quickly.