Small Axe Coffee Store

We get lots of questions from people new to coffee about which tools you should get to outfit your kitchen lab for coffee enjoyment. The list of items below are the things we use on our own kitchens. Keep it cheap, keep it classy.

Grinder: The Bodum Antigua Electric Burr Grinder is great, but it won't do espresso. If you want a grinder that runs the gamut, invest in the Rancilio Rocky Doserless Burr Grinder.

French Press: I dig the Bodum Shin Bistro Coffee Press for it's modern look, easy care and fewer parts. I know some people like a more classic design, so I've included the Bodum Chambord Coffee Press as well.

Kettle: Of course, you can use a simple Copper Bottom Teakettle on the stove to boil water, we've just found that the Chef's Choice Cordless Electric Teakettle is faster, more consistent and doesn't tie up the stove.

Also, instead of the timer, you can use any watch or clock with a seconds hand to time your brew. The Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer/Timer is a good tool to have because it has a thermal probe, too, which you can use to check water temp (or bean temp if you roast at home too).