Kaffe 1668, New York, NY

Kaffe 1668
275 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10007
Subway: Chambers Street
(212) 693-3750

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I was in NY for a quick trip and sent a request out to the Small Axe Coffee Twittersphere for a good coffee house with free wifi where I could work for a few hours before a meeting.  You'd be surprised how tough it is to find someplace with enough seating, free wifi for customers AND a coffee philosophy consistent with Small Axe Coffee. Mike White from GimmeCoffee sent me to this six-month old gem in Tribeca.


With a bit more square footage than most excellent NY coffee houses, Kaffe 1668 has a great European atmoshpere.  Lots of small tables for folks to work for a bit or couples to read the paper and enjoy coffee or tea on the weekend.  There's a nice big communal table as well. 

Their coffee selection was well chosen with the globe well represented from Intelligentsia, Counter Culture and Plowshares.  I tried the Papua New Guinea Kuta from Counter Culture, which was chocolaty, with a good body and lower acidity.  I also tried the Bolivia Anjilanaka from Intelligentsia, which was a bit lighter and brighter.  Both very good.

Preparation of coffee in the clover and a shot of Black Cat in the three group Synesso was terrific.

This is a great spot downtown...if you need a place to work for a couple of hours or want some amazing coffee from some of America's best roasters, check out Kaffe 1668.  Seriously, coffee and service on par with (and atmoshpere WAY better than) Cafe Grumpy.

Also, check out a review of Kaffe 1668 in NY Magazine.