Exploring New Coffees: ROASTe Makes it Easy

When I talk to people who are just getting into coffee, they inevitably hit a point where they are able to discern the characteristics from varietal to varietal.  It's around that point that they get excited about trying new coffees based on what characteristic they like the most.

I just came across the newly relaunched ROASTe site - an online store where you can buy coffee from many different roasters.  The guys at ROASTe have developed a new feature on their home page that let's you look for coffees by major characteristics.  It's particularly well suited for folks who are new to coffee, since it doesn't make you select by rare, cupper's terms but rather by more common descriptots like STRONG or sweet. The best part might be that it's visual, so you can flip through the slider of characteristics, see something you like and drill down into it.

Next time you're looking for a new coffee, check it out!