Coffee Sanctuary, Boulder, CO

Coffee Sanctuary
900 28th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 545-0035
7am to 6pm Week Days
8am to 6pm Weekends

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One of the most recent additions to the Small Axe Coffee scene is Coffee Sanctuary in Boulder, CO.  Launched last summer by John Eitel and his wife Megan, Coffee Sanctuary brings high quality coffee to the neighborhood between 30th Street and 28th on Aurora.  Read the whole review for the low down.

John, Megan, Coffee, and Homemade Chai at Coffee Sanctuary

First, let's talk beverages, but not just drip coffee.  They serve Conscious Coffees, which are roasted in Boulder and bike delivered to their shop.  They serve several single-origin varieties of drip all day.  Their espresso (espresso Mantecca) is pulled well on their 3 group Rancilio lever machine.  John recently drilled the portafileters out, so the thing is a dream to watch. Also, John and Megan are working on a few homegrown recipes - like their Chai and cold filtered coffee, which they're considering distributing to other shops. I tried their Chai while I was there the other day, and it's very good - fewer than a dozen ingredients and it's spicy and moderately sweet, especially if you have it with soy milk.

Second, let's talk food.  They don't have a ton.  Mostly bagels and a few baked goods.  But they do, however, offer something I'd never seen before.  Basically they'll take an egg, scramble it and cook it with a dedicated steam wand in fewer than 3 seconds.  Definitely worth trying if you stop in.  Hell, worth paying for just to see it done.

Last, though most importantly, let’s talk about their vision and commitment to the community.  They could have opened up their coffeehouse in a space on the Pearl Street mall where there are already a ton of shops and a ton people.  But, the vibe wasn’t right.  The way John describes it, “My vision has always been to create a neighborhood coffee shop.  Few things make me happier than when customers come in and talk about the place as if it’s their own.” True to his word, John is working hard to build a base of customers in the community right around his shop.  It's a mostly a mix of students and senior citizens - not your traditional hipster coffee crowd.  He’s invested a bunch, trying to get the word out.  He advertises in the Colorado Weekly (check the coupon).  And. he shows up at events sponsored by local community groups and serves coffee for free.  He’s also willing to keep the place open after hours for community groups to meet.

The Whole Point
If you’re close to boulder, need a cup or shot of FTO coffee, swing by and see John and Megan.  You’ll be glad you did.