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Bad Coffee Stops Robbers in Their Tracks

Who says that non-organic, non-fair trade coffee hasn't made the world a better place? 

According to the Herald Tribune in Sarasota, FL, a 51 year old man used his coffee from the local Circle-K convenience store to stop would-be robbbers with guns.

"One suspect had a pistol, and had pulled back the hammer, when the victim threw his hot coffee on the two men. The robbers fled without firing a shot. No money was taken, and the victim was not injured, the report said."

Chalk this one up to the list of uses for bad coffee.

Roswell Roast and Toast: High School Creates Cafe Training Program

A high school in Roswell, Georgia has launched a program - Roswell Roast and Toast - to get special education students involved in a job training program in a cafe environment.  The kids are preparing coffee drinks and delivering them to teachers. 

No word on what coffee their serving and equipment they're training on, but the idea of providing special education students with this kind of training is great to see.

Higher Grounds Donating From Purchases to CO2 Reduction Efforts

Just found out that the folks at Higher Ground Roasters in Traverse City, MI are donating a percentage of sales from their TC 350 blend to a Michigan-based organization (350.org) that's geared to reducing carbon emissions.  No mention of the percentage donated. 

Apparently, from the site:

"350 parts per million is the “red line” for our atmosphere’s carbon dioxide content, and we must get back to that number quickly to ensure a healthy future for our planet."

The 2008 Coffee Wishlists

I just got done making three coffee wishlists for Christmas and I'm curious what you've got on yours.  Of course I'll be lucky to get one or two of the things on these lists, but it was fun to think about what would be really awesome to get
or give for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/New Years.

To start the discussion, I've posted my three lists, and the assumptions that let me dream them up:

Wishlist #1: You've Got a Golden Parachute

This is the grandest list, as it assumes that a great sum of money finds its way into Santa's pocket.  It includes some goodies like a coffee farm in Guatemala, a roastery in Sacremento, and that sweet Hario five pot halogen powered vac bar.

Wishlist #2: You Get a Bailout (or Repreive)

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