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Call it Universe Expansion

I was talking to a pal over espresso shots recently and we got to musing the specialty coffee industry.  The topic turned to discussing the war of words among the top coffee roasters in the country over who is the best.  And not just who IS the best, but the finer nuances, like who has access to the best BEANS and who has the best PROFILES and so on.  Why are they arguing? To woo the 3% of all Americans who drink specialty coffee to spend money on theirs? 

We decided it was kind of silly. 

I work on coffee for two reasons.  One, I love the coffee experience. Two, I want to make a difference in the communities where coffee is grown.  My vision a world where people enjoy high quality coffee that provides a strong economic benefit to the people who produce it.

Instead of wrestling over the 3% of people who drink specialty coffee today, we need to devote our energy to expanding that universe.  There are a zillion people out there who's favorite cup is dunkin' or starbucks (or a colleague of mine who's favorite is a blend of the two).  These brothers and sisters have an awareness that coffee can be more than a utility beverage or commodity.  Let's concentrate on bringing them into the fold, welcoming them to the experience.

Small Axe Coffee Hits Alltop

Check it out! Small Axe Coffee has been added to the list of the best resources on the web for coffee.  Alltop.com just added our feed to the list of coffee sites it follows to provide folks worldwide with the latest and greatest guide to coffee the internet.  "So what?" you might ask. Soooo...this helps us spread the word about the folks doing great work that we profile here.  Thanks Alltop!!!

Alterra at the Lake - Milwaukee, WI

Alterra at the Lake
1701 N. Lincoln Memorial Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 223-4551
MapWeb Site

This Christmas, you might remember I put a Harrar Horse T-Shirt on my wishlist.  My wife ordered it online for me…turns out it was from Alterra Coffee in Milwaukee, WI.  I happened to be in Milwaukee a few weeks ago and had the chance to check out one of the Alterra coffee houses.  They are THE premiere coffee roaster/retailer in Milwaukee, with a half dozen locations around the city.  Before heading out I asked my good friends on Twitter  for the best Alterra location to check out (there are a bunch).  The folks at Aldo Coffee said I had to check out the location at the lake.

Kaffe 1668, New York, NY

Kaffe 1668
275 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10007
Subway: Chambers Street
(212) 693-3750

MapWeb Site

I was in NY for a quick trip and sent a request out to the Small Axe Coffee Twittersphere for a good coffee house with free wifi where I could work for a few hours before a meeting.  You'd be surprised how tough it is to find someplace with enough seating, free wifi for customers AND a coffee philosophy consistent with Small Axe Coffee. Mike White from GimmeCoffee sent me to this six-month old gem in Tribeca.

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