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Small Axe Coffee Resolutions for 2010

The ball drops tonite!

We've made some coffee resolutions for ourselves here at Small Axe Coffee and thought we'd share them with you all.  Regardless of where you are in your journey of coffee enjoyment, we think these resolutions will improve your ability to appreciate coffee and where it comes from.

Amazing Winter Scene Rosetta

What would Christmas be without amazing festive beverages?  

Check out this awesome winter scene rosetta poured in a peppermint mocha by Thai at the Cup in Boulder, CO.

Coffee Kids Helps Chiapas Farmers Reach Beyond Coffee

Small Axe Coffee is proud to support the work of Coffee Kids, a nonprofit dedicated to helping coffee-farming families improve their quality of life.

Recently we heard of a program they are supporting in Chiapas, Mexico, helping farmers in the Selva Negra (or black jungle) region expand their economy beyond coffee.

This is just the kind of investment in coffee communities that Small Axe Coffee would like more coffee connoisseurs to support.  You can be one of them by donating here

Last Minute Gifts: Outfit Your Coffee Lab

It's not too late to order some great gifts for yourself or that coffee nut at your house. We've included links to these tools in the Small Axe Amazon Store for your convenience.

We get lots of questions from people new to coffee about which tools you should get to outfit your kitchen lab for coffee enjoyment. The list of items below are the things we use on our own kitchens.

Grinder: Remember, your grinder is the item in your lab to which everything else is an accessory.

French Press: The cheapest way to make coffee you can taste at home is by using a coffee (or French press).

Kettle: Water is important and water temp is even more so.

Timer: The amount of time your coffee brews has to be measured in seconds. 

  • Instead of the timer, you can use any watch or clock with a seconds hand to time your brew.
  • The Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer/Timer is a good tool to have because it has a thermal probe, too, which you can use to check water temp (or bean temp if you roast at home, too).

Don't forget the coffee! Get some good stuff from these roasters.

  • Colombia Fonda Paez from Conscious Coffees: Recently rated 92 points from Coffee Review, this has been a staple breakfast brew in the Small Axe Kitchen. Low acidity, good body, and just a little bight.
  • Rusty's Hawaiian Ka'u Micro-lot from PT's Coffee: One of the few Hawaiian coffees out there worth having. They're roasting one more time before Christmas, so get some fast.
  • Finca Mauritinia El Salvador from Counter Culture: A most unique coffee with nice bright acidity, nutty and fruity notes. Strong contender for Small Axe Coffee's black coffee of the year.
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